Sunday, 4 January 2009

Chian House, Chiang Rai

Chian House
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Another guest house with a swimming pool. Though the colder mountain climate of Chiang Rai made a dip enticing for only a very brief time during the hottest time of the day.

Chian House wasn't in the usual rash of guide books last time we looked. It should be. For 200 baht you get a good size ensuite double room with hot shower and a large bed set in one of the buildings around a courtyard. The owner and staff are extremely friendly and helpful. As well as the transient guests, there is a decent population of ex-pats and Thais who often gather in a semi-private area each evening to chat. The food is cheap and plentiful, though the green curry was disappointingly bland. There are also an internet computer, bikes and mopeds to rent, a small library and a TV with cable for those in need of foreign language programmes.

The restaurant and pool area is a great place for a leisurely breakfast, afternoon rest with a book or an evening when you need to put your feet up rather than explore the excellent Chiang Rai Nigh Bazaar.


  1. Hi Bill,
    fantastic photos - I especially love the one of Paolo and Mrs Paolo in Sukhothai.
    We are going to Thailand in September - can you tell us how to find Chian house in Chiang Mai? Nothing on google..
    Thanks and cheers


  2. Hi Trudy, thanks for your wonderful comments about my photographs. They're very much appreciated. Chian House is in the suburbs of Chiang Rai. It's difficult to give directions but I think I have a map with it marked on. I can post another reply once I've found the map. We did get a tuk-tuk to the guesthouse from the centre of town a couple of times though the distance isn't that far to walk. The drivers didn't initially recognise the name but once they talked about it amongst themselves realised where it was.

    Cheers, Bill

  3. Never mind to find the map. We will just head off and see what we find.

    I have really enjoyed the photos and proxy travel!
    We have booked in with Paolo in Sukhothai for September and we are intrigued to meet them!

    Best wishes